At present, we have so many news sources, that it becomes really difficult to filter out the right news and the fake ones. Especially, when it is about political news, people are spreading rumours in the form of false news. There are many things which have been done in order to keep these fake news sources away. Because of the increase in the number of news websites, verifying correct political news is becoming a problem. But now, you will not have to worry much. As we are here to help you with the trusted political news sites. These websites are trustworthy and best when it comes to political news.

The basic things which one expects in a political news website are that it should provide the news with the real sources. Also, the news should be transparent, so that one can verify if it is true or not. Other than these things, a political news website should also take care of the amount of research they have been doing before they present the news on their website or in front of the audience. There should be no biases in presenting the news which is generally seen on most of the political news websites. Let’s know the names of some of the trustworthy websites for political news.


This is one such website, which can provide you the complete political news with the real facts. However, many people do not consider it as a news website, as it emphasizes more on providing the facts related to the news going around the world. However, many people consider this website for getting all sort of news related to politics. It is said to be a non-profit website which provides true facts and rebuttals against the misleading and false political news. The website has different other segments as well, where a user can ask any question related to any political rumour, where it has mentioned about various online myths and other things. I didn’t think toe wrestling was a thing, but apparently it is, and now I know.


When it is about trustworthy political news websites, we cannot leave CNN behind. CNN is considered to be one of the most trustworthy sources of news. Be it the television media or the online website of CNN, it has always provided the true and latest political news with the right information. Apart from providing political news, it also provides news related to business, sports, entertainment, and other such sectors. CNN was started in the year 1980 and was founded by Ted Turner. If you want to get some decent and factual political news, then you must check CNN’s website and TV channel.


There are only a few news sources which are in the field of journalism from so many years, and Reuters is one of them. It was founded in the year 1851, and since then it has been working for providing the unbiased and informative news. Being an international news organization, its headquarters is in London, United Kingdom. It was founded by Paul Reuter. Because of being an unbiased news source, and providing the factual political news, Reuters has also received criticism many a time. If you want to get the updated political news and information, then Reuters is the right news website for you.

The Washington Post

A famous newspaper, which now has a website as well, where you can go through the latest political news. The headquarters of The Washington Post is in Washington, D.C., United States. The major population of the United States read the Washington Post news only. The quality of the political news they provide is commendable. They provide both national and international political news. So, if you want to keep yourself updated with both international and national political news, you should check the Washington Post’s news website. This news website is also providing news on other segments like weather, lifestyle, food, entertainment, sports, etc.


As the name suggests, this website is particularly dedicated to political news. You can get the best and reliable political news of all time on this news website. The Politico has its headquarters in Virginia, United States and was founded in the year 2007. In the short span of time only, this news website has gained a lot of popularity because of providing the latest and up-to-date political news. It presents the latest stories and happenings in politics around the world. If you only love reading the Politics news and want to get all sort of Politics news and information at one place, then Politico is the best platform for reading political news.


The websites which we have mentioned above are known for providing the best political news. They have been on the top when it comes to providing the news and stories related to politics. However, there are few other news sources and websites also from where you can get trustworthy political news like BBC, The Intercept, and many others.