Mainly beginners have problems using a new app yet even those who have been on the job may experience it now and then if they haven’t understood the whole matter properly. It is for this reason we give below important points that you shouldn’t miss out when you go out and start to build up your business. If you have already got the instagram downloaded into your desktop or mobile then you may straightaway go to learn how to use instagram.

In case you are a beginner then you must have to download the app which you may easily do by going to the App store. Or you may go to Google Play Store or Microsoft Store whichever is convenient for you. But just downloading the app may not fetch you any business and this is where things start getting trickier. The app itself will guide you so that you don’t flounder while creating and setting up your account and profile.

Starting with the First Step

Along with your Instagram account you need a profile photo. You will need to upload the same. This will be displayed in a circle and in the center you may place your business logo. The next thing you do is to go to “edit profile” and fill two spaces with your website address and your bio.

After this you click ‘done’ and your Instagram account is set.

Posting Photos and Videos

It is quite easy to post photos and videos on to your Instagram account. All you need is to click on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom. Here, Instagram will be showing most recent photos that have been uploaded on its site and you too can add to the chain by clicking either ‘photo’ or ‘video’.

Have a Clear Strategy for Your Business

The above part or steps are only the basics and may mean nothing to your business if you really want to take it to new heights. When you create a clear strategy you must define your target audience or your customers. These customers may be from US that has the highest number of Instagram followers and then followed by India, Brazil and Indonesia. If you go country specific then Instagram will serve your business better.

Here, you must gain traction by analyzing your niche area customers or potential clients. After gaining some ground you must create clear set of goals and objectives for your business. You will become more aware of people who are interested in your type of business and others that may follow you later.

When this is achieved you must start engaging with as many such visitors as possible. By doing so you will be in a position to draw them closer to your business products or services and then make conversion so that they purchase your goods or services.

For this to happen you must always make sure that you do regular posting in your account so that others follow you.

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

It is very important that you upgrade your profile and keep it as search friendly as possible. Your Profile must contain everything about your business and services so that your followers would know well enough that they may rely on you for supplies.

You may follow some other profiles to get to know what is best for you.

Sharing on a Continuous Basis

You must share your content and create quality visual presentation so that your brand is at once noticed and followed. For example if it a restaurant then your pictures should be of food and drinks while for textile manufacturer it is cloth kept unfolded on a table. The pictures must be clear and perfectly taken before you upload.

The pictures by themselves should be able to tell your business story to others in a convincing manner and always make sure to post compelling captions too.

Growing Along with Your Audience

You must grow along with audience by engaging with them regularly. You may regularly give your responses and suggestions through comments. You may also hire the services of professional instagram influencers so that they will get you more customers.

Under no circumstances should you deviate from your targeted audience and this will also helps you to remain in focus. You may also run an instagram specific campaign to help your business get more customers through more conversion.

Analysis of Your Success

You may then measure as to how much success your campaign has drawn with your business profile. You may find some great analytical tools on Internet which may help you to understand your customers and track results. If success is not to your satisfaction then you may re-invent strategies and see how these work out.

It is to be noted that Instagram is being used by more than one billion people worldwide and in this over 5 million are business users. Hence, if you persist by studying and deciding your strategies then you will surely achieve success.